Starkenburg Poetry – This section is dedicated to my great-grandmother Trynie Starkenburg and her poetry.

Starkenburg Poetry (Published in newspaper)


There is beauty in the woodland, there is splendor in the vale,

There is magic in the morning when the night lifts her dark veil,

There is silver pure and shining in the fall of early dew,

All the world I view about me seems so fair because of you.


In the sparkle of the river as it ever onward goes,

Is the reflection of brightness that in my heart overflows,

Of such gay and happy mem’ries of a day with skies so blue,

Where I wandered through the meadows carefree, laughing just with you.


When night drops her velvet curtain, little stars shinning up there

In the heavens, then I fancy, that my secret too they share,

For they wink and slyly twinkle just as if they surely knew

All my hopes and all my dreams, dear, are all centered just in you.


But this morning a wee birdie sang to me a lovely song;

He was singing to his own mate who was sitting high among

The oak branches; in the thrilling notes that rang wondrously true,

He seemed singing just for me, dear, singing of but only you.